She Said.

She said, Bend over, let me see if you’re still intact.

it’s important to never lose yourself to a man.

they are all liars and they deceive.

you can only put you trust in god.

if you don’t find a husband you will live a wretched life

and they will talk about you…

they talk about those type of women, in the streets, they will throw your name to the trash.

you can never say I didn’t give you god.

“Will this ‘I love you, I love you’ business train you to be a good child?”

what will you do for me when I am old?

I am your mother you must obey me.

god speaks through me to get to you.

he didn’t wave at you, you waved at him.

i didn’t raise you to be a loose girl.

you should be ashamed.

you need to loose weight.

maybe your darkness is finally coming off.

everyone is watching, they’re waiting to see what you’re going to be.

you can’t go out like this, what are they going to say about me?

-A.A. Eke

Photo Credit: iStockPhoto