Odiro Easy-Flavour

This song….this song… I swear this has been a week of up and downs and lots and lots of stress. This life (sigh) odiro easy! Flavour as an artist has always had a place in my heart, because he sings and raps in Igbo (my mother tongue), and he has this way of embedding cultural traditions into his music that is just so justifying. For those who don’t know Odiro easy loosely translates to it isn’t easy. There is just something about the beat and message that feels ancestral and comforting, odiro easy, but it is going to be okay. From my exhausted self to yours, I hope you enjoy.


Self-Care Sunday: My Routine.

For some reason Sunday Mornings tend to be my favorite time of the week. I live for the way the sun looks like in the sky, the way the light touches everything and the way whole world seems to be at a standstill. I love and live for this time every week. My Sunday morning ritual consists of watching my favorite Youtubers (currently old Clothes Encounters and Candice VanWye videos), listening to some sick tunes, watching the birds in the sky flock back and forth from my window, reading and of course making a BOMB breakfast. Oh yeah! and let me not forget tea, lots and lots of tea! I love my me time and this routine does the trick to making me feel rejuvenated and ready to take on the day.  Let me know what routines you do to unwind, enjoy the moment and be more present  🙂

DJ Grumble-IcyWrist2


Okay so story time, this song takes me allllll the way back, and because I’m in my 20’s I’m talking like 3 or 4 years ago. Back when I was fresh out of college, living in the Bay on my own. Back when I was just starting to get lured into the hypnotic sounds of chill wave and e-beats. Back when everything felt new, as if I was on the brink of something amazing. BART, salt water, Ocean Beach, N-Judah, Washington Square Park, Ike’s Place, Lower Haight, Land’s End, bright sunny days, warm skin, clear skies and endless dreaming. Yeah, I have the best memories attached to this song. I hope you enjoy.