Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2017! Last year came with a lot of accomplishments and changes and tough times, but I am so ready to move forward into 2017. Running list of 2016: decided to dedicate ,more of myself to this blog, graduated with my masters, was jobless, found a job, lost a job, was jobless again, had one of the funnest summers, built great friendships with amazing people, made the decision to be authentic and live fearlessly, found a job I love, moved into my own apartment, ordered my first big girl bed lol, filed for incorporation for my organization, got my first article feature, when on my first solo trip to Miami, travelled to Chile and fell in love with Valparaiso. Idk what’s next (well I have a little bit of a clue) but definitely two things that I want to meditate on this year are self love and being present. I’m so proud of the woman I am becoming and am ready to continue the work that was started in previous years and continue to grow and learn and love more. Cheers to the New Year!!


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