Let’s Take a Step Back

So I’m writing this the day after Trump was announced as President of the United States of America, November 9th, 2016. I feel… well outside of the nervousness that I woke up feeling this morning, I feel okay. To be honest, I had been telling all my friends and family that I believed Trump was going to win since the summer (but I’m not writing this to be that person). Therefore, I’m not shocked and I’ll tell you why.

At the end of the day this election has done nothing more than to show us all that white supremacy will never simply allow us to have a candidate (or even a President) that will bring about real change. No, absolutely not. Please, if we are to really going to become free we need to gain an entrenched understanding of white supremacy, capitalism and how then work in partnership to maintain the United States of America.

This starts with getting rid of the blame game. The uninvolved and third party voters DID NOT, I repeat DID NOT corrupt the vote and subsequently cause a Trump presidency; white people did this. Same as with the election of Barrack Obama in 2008 and 2012, he didn’t get elected because of the Black vote he was elected due to whites. Young neoliberal white people, who were careening from 8 years of Bush, wanted him, fell for his message of hope and his image as the “cool Black guy.” Abstinent, third party voters and other marginalized groups should not be blamed for not riding hard for Hilary, like Trump she doesn’t represent our interests as well.

I think of it like this: If we were all on a plantation and a small segment of the folks working on the plantation decided to run off the plantation and free themselves (from the system of slavery) and the slave masters found out they and they gave us who are working on the plantation all 3 lashes, we can’t be upset at the small segment for trying to get free. Temporarily it might feel good, it might even seem justified. I get it, if they wouldn’t have tried to escape then we would still be just picking cotton all and with no lashes. However at the end of the day they were just trying to get free, shit I can’t blame folks for that. Where we should be directing our anger is towards the plantation owner. This system of slavery that has us all toiling for scraps and dreaming of escaping its restrictive confines in search of freedom in the first place.

We need to direct our anger and our strategies towards correcting the system of white supremacy and capitalism. That’s what has enslaved, this is the rich us up for so long. Surprisingly enough people of color vote the same along party lines in almost every election since given the right to vote. It’s white people that change. Don’t forget we are and have always lived in a white world, and there are more of them than there are of us. Also, Trump might be president, but at the end of the day, we as people are still (like we are with the election of every President) in a position where we are nervous about what is going to happen to our environment, our healthcare, our incomes, our education, our safety, etc.

To further clarify, we don’t live in a just system therefore we are not governed by good people who do good things. As a people, if we want to break out of that unjust system, we need to have a sober and intimate understand of just how encapsulating this system of white supremacy and capitalism is. Freedom will never look like us simply just walking (or escaping) off of the plantation with our freedom. In order to gain our freedom we will have to fight for it. If we know anything about wars fought in the past, those who are lucky enough to escape will only do so by the skin of their teeth and with very little left of their former life.

We’re talking about laying siege to empires and breaking out the physical and mental cage that is white supremacy and capitalism, and entering into a new system of interaction, knowledge and understanding. Where corporations will not be whom we answer to. Where we hold respect for the Earth, respect for each other and we covet a deeper understanding of our humanity and how it connects us to one another.

As a dear friend of mine once said, “You do not get what you deserve in this life, you only get what you are born into or are willing to sacrifice for.” If the former were true there would be no abuse, no poverty and no injustice. So that begs the question to our generation, what are we willing to sacrifice in order to get free? Because the forces we fight against have everything to lose and so do we.



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