The Account of Severus Snape: A Love Story


About a week ago, there was this BuzzFeed video that I came across on my feed that gave me all the feels. I have to say I am a sucker for a good love story, especially one that transcends, life, death, space, time, and also includes wizards, magic, and flying broomsticks. Alas, I digress. This film touched me so deeply and I honestly haven’t even picked up a Harry Potter film in so long, but isn’t that how you know something is special?

It’s a series of clips that were put together in chronological order detailing the relationship between Snape and Lily (Harry’s mother). It was done in commemoration of the actor, Alan Rickman, who played Professor Snape in the Harry Potter movies. It was a truly excellent role and I must say as a Harry Potter aficionada, Professor Snape had to have been one of the most complex characters from the series, and as the shroud of mystery that surrounded him slowly began to peel back, as we uncovered his true motives for being an unlikely ally to Harry, he slowly but surely melted our hearts (well at least mine). It is important to note that these are all from Snape’s perspective, so just keep in mind these depictions are one sided.

Ultimately, it was his love of Harry’s mother (swoons!) that served as his reason for protecting Harry, which is why he played both sides, to deceive Voldemort. And this video does a great job showcasing his life, his love for Lily, and his devotion to Harry in her name.

All good stories, in my opinion, at their core grapple with love and pain. Those are the most basic of human emotions, yet sometimes the most complex, and they perfectly sum up Snape’s relationship with Lilly.

Snape’s story in the series was a love story. He loved Lilly and subsequently felt obligated to protect Harry. The image of Snape cradling Lilly’s dead body, after she is killed by Voldemort, while baby Harry cries in the background is one that pulls you in and as a viewer you see exactly where his heart lies. Snape, who loved Lily for the grace and kindness that she showed him throughout her life, is what set the course for Snape’s life after her death. Her love was revolutionary for him, it changed him. Although, he was painted as a social outcast throughout the film and seemingly while growing up as a young wizard, Lily was there and she saw him, and as cheeky as it sounds she accepted all of him. It was an unconditional friendship and he loved her for that.


It’s that simple connection between the two that is so raw and honest that pulls at your heartstrings. To a certain extent we’ve all either wanted that kind of unfettered love or have seen it. It really is a beautiful thing. It’s why we’re enraptured by the sight of bright stars on a dark night; there is this mysterious sacred wondrousness about being in the presence love. Which is why there was such an emotional outpouring when Snape’s true motives and character was revealed in the book. The Harry Potter series, particularly Snape’s plot line, is a love story really; and one that transcends life, death, and time. Which is explains why so many feel so deeply connection to it.


Dumbledore: “It was Lily? After all this time?,”

Snape: “Always.”


Harry: “Profesor, my mother’s patronus, was a doe. Same as Professor Snape’s, it’s curious don’t you think?”

Dumbledore: “Actually, when I think about it, it doesn’t seem curious at all.”


Until next time….


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